Minerva Resort arises in the middle of the famous “Plain of Sele” rich of beautiful, touristic and cultural places in Campania.

Close to Paestum one of the most precious archaeological sites of Italy you will discover the amenities of an archaelogical site: the three Doric temples belonging to V century B.C. (the Neptune’s temple B.C., the Basilica 550 B.C., the Ceres temple 500B.C) and other remains of the Forum, the Thermae and the Amphitheater.

The beautiful small towns of Cilento like the ancient side of Capaccio, the remains of an ancient town florid during the Norman Age, the ancient castle, the magnificent Sanctuary of Madonna del Granato, Felitto a small town located in the middle of the park and well-known for its narrow deep river canals produced by Calore; the ancient side of Roscigno, the ancient abandoned village an heritage protected by Unesco, Padula and its majestic Monastery, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Acciaroli, Palinuro and other amenties.
Every smiling landscape joins perfectly to its inhabitants hospitality.

In Agropoli, a special boat called “Metro’ del Mare” allows to reach easily the famous Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast.

Thanks to a railway station in Paestum and Capaccio it is possible to reach by train the Wonderful Neaples and Pompei in less than 1 hour time.